Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Marc and his team at Smith Chiropractic have made a huge positive impact on my health. I am an avid golfer and walker and have had reoccurring issues with my SI joints over the last 10+ years. Not only does Dr. Marc and his team fix my issues when things flare up, but now that I am doing monthly maintenance checks my flare-ups are much farther apart and fixed much quicker when they do occur. He and his staff are professional yet so friendly and always make me feel like family. They are always great about working in my appointments to fit my schedule."

- Barb G.

"I would like to share my appreciation for the care I have received throughout the years. The dedication to quality care with the most friendly and positive attitude of anyone I have ever received treatment from is second to none. Thanks for the consistent quality care!"

- Bill E.

"I have thought long and hard about writing a review but I have finally thought yes this is the right thing to do. Over the past several years I have been in agonizing pain in my back and SI joints. I am a very active person so when this happened I was quite confused as to the why? My passion is riding horses. This I am not willing to give up. EVER! I was asked by two other medical professionals if I would give it up????!!!!! My confidence in them immediately died. I was asked by my mother to try Dr. Smith. I had no faith but willing because I needed help and I had no other options. I myself am a medical professional so of course, we are the worst patients!!!! He has worked with me now for almost a year but he never gave up on me! He never till this day ever asked me if I was willing to give up riding! This week has been our biggest and always longest-running vacation of the year. Today is our 7th day in and I don’t really know the number of miles but the memories are endless and I have had no pain!!!!!!!!!! No pain whatsoever!!!! Not even the little bit that you try to make excuses for. So Thank you from the bottom of my soul and my horses soul for saving us!!!!!! We love you! Without You, we could never be the same!"

- Kate C.

"So lucky to have such a great office close to home! My husband threw his back out on a Monday and we were supposed to leave on a 9 day trip in the camper (with multiple stops) on Friday. We thought for sure we would have to cancel. Dr. Smith got him in everyday and he came home with a little less pain each day! We are currently on the road as scheduled! No way we would have been able to do it without the help of this wonderful team!"

- Kara B.

"Dr. Smith has helped me more than any of the other 3 doctors I paid a fortune to see. And did the referral for the neurosurgeon I am going to have to see. I like that he doesn’t just see you, he really sees what is wrong and doesn’t mask it with pain killers. His staff know you as soon as you walk in the door and are just great people. Doc. knows everyone by first name and never forgets what you tell him, that tells me he really listens to you. Thanks, Doc."

- Linda T.

"One person will always have me coming back and that would be Chasity. I work midnights and would come in straight after work. She would hook me up, get me a few pillows, and turn off the lights so I could take a nap until I was finished. She was always checking in to see if I needed anything, and always on top of her game. It’s the little things that matter, and Smith’s pays attention to every detail."

- Jessie H.


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