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The J-tech system is here for evaluating worker fitness in Breese IL. If you are testing your employees by running them up and down a ramp to see if they can push a cart, we have a more advanced, evidence-based system to make sure your employees are up to the task of your job description. Using static testing equipment, we can design a functional evaluation for your prospective employees that tests lifting capacity, pushing, pulling, reaching and grip as well as all body part ranges of motion. This accompanied by a thorough physical exam based on DOT standards, and a pre-employment drug test, can give you peace of mind when hiring. Workers Compensation carriers may be able to discount your company on yearly premiums by participating in this program. Call your carrier for details.

Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation System in Breese IL

At a time when employee production is more important than ever, help eliminate your liability from injury, lost work time, and employee theft by exploring one of our flexible packages.

"The World's First Wireless Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation System"

Now you can use the most efficient, convenient system for evaluating static lifting ability and strength for post-offers, fit-for-duty, return-to-work and functional capacity evaluations!

Tracker Freedom Wireless Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation systems are the fast, accurate and reliable way to evaluate and document static lifting, pushing and pulling abilities. It gives you the freedom to position the testing station anywhere within a 30 foot radius of the computer without hauling around wires and being concerned about connections. Tracker Freedom Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation module includes our advanced Tracker Freedom wireless static strength gauge, our compact Mobile Lift System platform and new Tracker Version 5 Software.

"Convenient, Portable Static Strength Testing"

Tracker Freedom Wireless Static Lifting and Strength Evaluation is the most compact, light-weight and portable system for field testing at work sites and other locations! For example, our new Wireless Static Strength Gauge weighs a mere 1.3 pounds and our Mobile Lift System Platform weighs in at less than 15 pounds. That means you can easily transport the system with a laptop and perform post-offer, functional capacity and other work-related evaluations anywhere.

The Tracker Freedom Static Strength module hardware is designed to be rugged. It features a variety of attachments for two-handed pushing or pulling, one-handed pulling, and one-handed pushing.


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