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Afraid to take your clothes off for a massage?

It is estimated that 80% of patients would benefit from a massage for sore muscles due to work, stress, over and under-use - but only 8-10% will ever get a massage. Why?

  • Embarrassed to take their clothes off.
  • Don't wait their body to be seen / judged.
  • Time constraints of work and family.
  • Feel they have to talk during the massage.
  • Limited availability of a massage therapist.

Introducing NoMano Touchless Massage Therapy, a system of highly advanced massage devices embedded in large, comfortable leather chairs.

  • Our suite is private, no clothing removal is required.
  • The system is available during our business open hours. No scheduling is required (calling first to see if system is available is recommended).
  • Entire body massage as soft or in-depth as you desire.
  • No choosing gender of a massage therapist.
  • No requirement to see a doctor or referral is required. (Dr. Smith may ask a few questions regarding your health to see if you are qualified to use the system).
  • Your spouse will be happy!

Through the end of October, the first 100 patients that request will be given a ten-minute introductory massage at no cost.

* Six session booklets $150.00 or $30.00 per session *


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