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We have the expertise and training to keep you and your DOT mandated company in compliance.

In 1998, Dr. Smith, established Safelink, Inc, as a drug/alcohol and physical testing company. In 2011, Safelink was expanded and now serves over 100 companies locally and across the nation. With that experience, Dr. Smith was asked by the Federal Department of Transportation in 2005 to assist in developing a new program called the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Over a three-year period, Dr. Smith attended meetings in Washington, DC to help in the development of a new training program for doctors across the country wishing to perform DOT or commercial driver and school bus driver examinations. 

Since that time, he has developed a training company that teaches other doctors how to perform examinations on drivers that meet Federal DOT/FMCSA standards. 

Currently, he performs around 1200 of these examinations yearly in his office and on-site for companies ranging from trucking and warehousing, to school bus drivers across a five county area.

In May of 2014, all DOT examiners were required to be certified by the federal government to perform CMV exams. Dr. Smith was certified in 2013.

Interested in a Drug/Alcohol testing program for your mandated DOT program in Breese? Or looking to keep your school system or business drug free?  We have a program for you. From drug testing policies, to random programs, we keep your company powerful and drug free. Please call, ask for Crystal, and we can get your company set up.


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